Our oils are supplied by doTERRA because we think they are the best Essential Oils on the market for a number of reasons. If you buy from doTERRA via Catcott Essential Oils, we will support you with their many uses, through our website blogs, courses, and dedicated Facebook pages full of info on oils for health, DIY blends for the home, oils for children, cooking with oils, oils in sport and much more. So you end up with a whole lot more than a bottle of Essential Oil, you get our support and knowledge too.

Oils range in price but start from around £7.50. The citrus and herb oils tend to be the cheapest as they are easier to produce. Others, such as Frankincense or Vetiver are more expensive but still offer great value for their CPTG purity.

Why we recommend doTERRA Essential Oils
There’s lots of ways to access Essential Oils now, with health stores, chemists and even discount stores selling them, and to be honest most of them are cheaper than doTERRA. So why don’t we recommend using them instead?

  • There’s no industry standard for essential oils, so anyone can put an oil in a bottle and label it ‘Pure’.  doTERRA’s oils are all CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) and have undergone extensive testing before they reach you. The level of purity & potency in an oil will affect it’s ability to work.
  • doTERRA oils are grown indigenously, giving the oils the best possible growing conditions, resulting in the best possible quality oils. They pay their farmers a wage, rather than per crop, so the pressure to harvest poor or unready crops is removed.
  • doTERRA pays back in kind deeds. They support their farmers by building hospitals, schools and other infrastructure in their villages. They run Operation Underground Railway – rescuing children from sexual abuse and making sure their abusers are put through the legal system.
  • Many of the oils are food grade, and suitable for ingestion and work well in cooking. They are all labelled if ingestible.
  • doTERRA don’t ‘cut’ their oils with cheaper carrier oils like many do. They do sell Fractionated Coconut Oil though, so it’s easy make up your own blends and rollers.
  • doTERRA has an extensive range of help and information on their oils and uses for them.  From DIY makes to oils for health, the clever network set-up means that if I don’t know the info you need, someone in my team will.

Co-impact sourcing with doTERRA

We chose to work with doTERRA because as well as great essential oils they have great values too.  doTERRA supports their farmers through co-impact sourcing, which can mean transformation to the villages where doTERRA works.  The video below will show you more.

Buying from Catcott Essential Oils

If you like what you’ve heard so far and would like to give an oil or two a try, there’s 3 simple ways to start receiving doTERRA essential oils.

  1. Have a look at our doTERRA shop here, choose what you’d like, pay and wait for the post! doTERRA send their oils out quickly and generally arrive within 5 days of ordering. This is the standard retail offer, just as you would buy anything on the internet. Delivery is around £4 per order.
  2. If you’d like a 25% discount on your oils, sign up for wholesale membership. If you are going to buy a few oils it can be worth it, and there’s no obligation to buy more. Membership fee is £24 (VAT included), so if you are buying a few oils or some of the more expensive oils, you could start saving straight away. Your 25% discount will continue for 1 year and can be renewed for a smaller fee after this period. If you choose to sign up, you can also earn loyalty reward points (LRP) which qualify you for free oils, and you can get free products if you reach the monthly 125 points value (PV).
  3. Become an Independent Product Consultant (like me) and start to earn bonuses and compensation. This is the lowest and smartest way to buy oils. Contact me if you’d like more info on creating your own Essential Oil business.


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