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Welcome to Catcott Essential Oils.

Oils are a beautiful way to support the wellbeing of you and your family.  So many ways to use them from mood, to cleaning, to enhancing food & drink and so much more!

Modern life places so many stresses and strains on us that sometimes it’s hard for our bodies and our minds to defend against them. From fast-grown food stripped of nutrients and stuffed with pesticides and antibiotics, to the toxic products we use to ‘clean’, we are constantly bombarding ourselves needlessly and damaging our immunity in the process.

Stress from work, from raising a family and from juggling finances all add up too, and more often that not, we find ourselves run-down, catching bug after bug, and just not performing at our best.

Taking a little time out to reflect on you is so valuable. So spend some time for yourself finding out how you can use Essential Oils to help on a journey to wellness. Changes don’t have to be big and they don’t all have to come at once. We will support you along the way through our website blogs, courses, and a dedicated Facebook page full of info on oils for health, DIY blends for the home, oils for children, cooking with oils and so much more.

There’s no pressure to buy: we are happy to offer our info for free. Oils have been so beneficial to my life from my first inhale, and I would just love to share my journey with you.


About Me

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Fresh and natural are important in how I cook and eat, and with more and more passion, in the environment I create around and within myself. Those who know my cooking will know that I use only natural ingredients, but you may not know that I started to cook like this as I fought against chronic inflammation.

Using Essential Oils supports the next part of my journey: to use less of the harsh chemicals we use around my home or on our bodies.  From the mood and energy enhancing properties of Wild Orange & Peppermint, to the cleaning properties of Lemon, Meleleuca & Oregano, to relaxing Frankinsence & Lavender, Essential Oils have weaved a gentle dance of happiness through my life.  I wouldn’t be without them again!

Since my first touch, I have had the privilege to witness beautiful changes within myself and dozens of people from all walks of life who started using the oils. My background is Nutrition & Teaching.  I run my own food business, The Instow Kitchen and manage a variety of wellbeing events.

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