If not now, then When?

A few weeks ago I stood in one of those shops we all traverse before Christmas and I came across a hardback notepad with the quote ‘It Not Now Then When?’

I hesitated for more than was my norm and wondered about picking it up for the ever procrastinating Minion; as his call to arms.  My only hesitancy was the pink and lilac swirly cover.  In the end I opted for the notepad entitled ‘This is My Masterplan’ with a seemingly masculine black cover. (Which I’ve since thought of pinching for its especially inspirational title).

Anyway, howdoos. That quote, ‘If Not Now, Then When?’ has echoed through every day since. And to add more pressure I’ve visualised my amazing friends fighting through ‘stuff’ to compete in Wimbleball 5K swims and exceptional triathlons, despite the hard knocks, the wobbles and the health concerns.  You know who you are.  xx. And I love you for it!!!!! Strong Women.

So I stand at the start of the 2018 season and I raise my head and ask ‘If Not Now, Then When?’

Bring on Triathlon. Bring on Glory in Personal Achievements. And Bring on my Glorious Friends and their Goals for 2018.  Heroes.

You go girls! And don’t be so fast that I can’t catch up. xx






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